logo google classroom 1Our online google classes are designed to enable the most dedicated of students/players the ability to train at home and at their convenience...

Simply sign up/subscribe to the desired class to gain access to our standardized curriculum/syllabus designed to be a guide and learning tool for students/players who want to improve their game.

The course goals and student learning outcome objectives, are intended to inform students/players about the materials they will be engaging in. The schedule also tells students what expectations are to be had of them and provides a timeline for these expectations. An example of the curriculum/syllabus overview as a whole is below.

  • Assessments: 20%
  • Assignments: 80%

The curriculum/syllabus overview is a grading guide that allows students to see what weightings will be applied to the different elements of the course. There will also be live elements to these classes also to further ascertain student/player progress and development.

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