We offer services pertaining to the following:

  • Soccer/Football Training from beginner to pro
  • Homeschool Physical Education & Fitness
  • Individual Fitness & Conditioning Training
  • Team counsel & parent coach training
  • Player profiling and management…

Soccer/Football Training from beginner to pro - Covering all areas of the beautiful game, that will allow any level and all ages of participants to enjoy and learn the intricacies of how to play and take part in the sport. Utilizing the four key components, Tactical, This component helps the player fit into the team. Our aim is to create clever players, capable of adapting to the constantly changing circumstances of the game. Technical, All players in the team have to be individually competent and proficient in the most important skills for each position. For example, a central midfield player will need different techniques and expertise as compared to an outside back. Physical, Strong and resilient players will provide a significant advantage to the team. A tired player will struggle to think properly and is prone to commit more errors. Psychosocial, The human being is often affected by his/her emotions. We will train the players to use these emotions to their advantage and turn them into strengths and not weaknesses.


Homeschool Physical Education & Fitness - Our specialized program geared to homeschool families combines activities from our Soccer/Football and Individual Fitness & Conditioning Training programs. Our professional coaches guide your child to improved physical literacy and personalize your child’s workout to their age-appropriate needs and abilities. Develop the knowledge, skills, attributes and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle! They'll participate in various activities from three of the five dimensions of the Homeschool PE curriculum: Dance, Games, Gymnastics/Flexibility, Alternative Environments, and Individual Activities. You’ll also explore activities that lead to life-long physical activity. The program is also a great way for homeschooled kids to meet and find a group of peers to hang out with. Whether you’re looking to expose your child to more healthy activities or hope to challenge your active athlete, you can be sure they will develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and endurance in CSP's Homeschool Physical Education & Fitness program. Two of our programs combine to be a source of constant learning. Our classes need to be fun to keep kids interested and eager to return. Your child needs to be engaged and guided to achieve their own personal accomplishments in physical education.


Individual Fitness & Conditioning Training - From team level sports down to individual performance training, classes are creative and varied, and closely monitored by the trainer to ensure progression. Classes cover Superior coordination, Dominating strength & performance, Enhanced speed and agility, First step agility and explosiveness, Injury resistance through mobility and flexibility, Body & Weight training techniques and Mental preparation techniques. All utilizing the extensive Soccer/Football curriculum as its foundation.

Contact us for more information or for specific programs like team and individual pre-season training to bleep tests.


Team counsel & parent coach training - New to coaching? Volunteered to coach a community team maybe… We can advise and help identify the important fundamentals the particular age group being coached should be looking to be competent in. Lesson plans, specific drills, player/team development approach, are areas we can help. Identifying what and how to develop your team when going away for a coaching course is not yet feasible.


Player profiling and management - Take the next step towards a football career. For the serious player…